Hitachi Trillium Oval 3T MRI in Radiologic Clinic - Paragon

table control room monochrome

Parkway Radiology has installed Hitachi’s iconic Trillium Oval 3T MRI in our Radiologic Clinic at Paragon Medical Centre.

Trillium Oval combines cutting edge workflow technologies, with the most advanced imaging tech to capture anatomical detail of exceptional clarity.  With a 74cm wide bore, this 3T MRI combines patient comfort with latest imaging technology.  With patients feeling more relaxed, it means less anxiety which allows high-precision imaging for the best image quality.

Please contact us to book an appointment or find out more about 3T  Trillium Oval MRI, available at the Radiologic Clinic at Paragon.


Source: Hitachi Medical Systems (S) Pte Ltd.

Updated 01 May 2020