Exciting Advancements at Parkway Radiology: New Fluoroscopy and Angiography Systems



Parkway Radiology is proud to introduce its latest additions to its suite of capabilities - the new Philips Fluoroscopy system and Angiography suite at Gleneagles Hospital's Department of Radiology. 

Enhancing Patient Comfort with Ambient Experience 


Patients can now undergo fluoroscopy procedures in a serene and more comfortable environment with soothing lighting and calming visuals. The ambient experience feature transforms the procedure room into a calming space, reducing anxiety and enhancing patient comfort throughout their imaging journey with us. 

Empowering Precision and Efficiency with the New Angiography Suite

Parkway Radiology is also pleased to introduce the new Philips angiography suite. Equipped with full suite advanced capabilities, this technology empowers our team of radiologists and specialists with enhanced imaging precision and exceptional clarity, allowing higher efficiency in performing intricate procedures and delivering optimal outcomes  including the reduction of radiation exposure for our patients. 



Please contact Parkway Radiology’s call centre at 6388 4333 or WhatsApp to 8798 8008 for any queries or appointments.


Source: Parkway Radiology 
Published on 7 Mar 2024