New Breast Care Centre at Mount Elizabeth Novena


The Breast Care Centre (BCC) at Mount Elizabeth Novena attends to all your breast care needs under one roof in a hospital-based setting. From imaging, diagnosis to treatment, the BCC comprises of a team of surgeons, radiologists, nurses and allied health professionals to care for you.

Besides accepting mammogram screenings for breast cancer detection, we go a step further to assess and evaluate any suspected abnormalities detected at screening.

For greater privacy, a dedicated waiting area for female patient's only, is available inside the Mount Elizabeth Novena Breast Care Centre.

For any further enquiries or appointments for mammogram screening, please contact our Radiology Call Centre at +65 6388 4333, WhatsApp us at +65 8798 8008 or email


Source: Parkway Radiology.

Updated 30 Nov 2021