Parkway Radiology Doctor CME Talk: Early Lung Cancer Detection and Management


We had the honour of hosting a Doctor CME Talk recently on 22 March 2024 focused on Early Lung Cancer Detection and Management, featuring distinguished speakers Prof Lee Pyng, Dr Peter Goh, and Dr Agasthian T. Each expert delved into crucial aspects of this field, offering invaluable knowledge to fellow doctors.


Prof Lee Pyng, Senior Consultant at National University Hospital and National University Cancer Institute Singapore, kickstarted the session with her topic of Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Management. Her expertise shed light on the importance of timely detection and emerging trends, emphasizing the shift in early-stage diagnosis in improving patient outcomes. 

Dr Peter Goh, Group Medical Director of Parkway Radiology, took the stage to discuss the crucial role of radiology in detecting and managing early lung cancer. He elaborated on advanced imaging techniques, such as PCCT and lung cryoablation, available at Parkway Radiology that aid in accurate diagnosis and curative treatment. The presentation showcased the significance of diagnostics and interventional radiology in contributing to patient care pathways.


Lastly, Dr. Agasthian T, cardiothoracic surgeon at Agasthian Thoracic Surgery, shared insights from a surgeon's perspective on Lung Cancer Screening. His talk highlighted the evolving landscape of surgical interventions, including minimally invasive techniques and combination hybrid therapy. Dr. Agasthian's perspective provided a holistic view of lung cancer management, emphasizing the multidisciplinary approach required for optimal patient care.


The Doctor CME Talk was an insightful session where attendees gained a deeper understanding of early lung cancer detection and management strategies.

We extend our gratitude to Prof Lee Pyng, Dr Peter Goh, Dr Agasthian T, and all participants for their contributions to this enlightening session.


Source: Parkway Radiology 

Published on 28 March 2024