Parkway Ultrasound Associate Course



The Ultrasound Associate Course by Parkway Radiology is now open for application for the February 2024 intake. 

This course is developed for individuals who wish to pursue the fulfilling profession of diagnostic sonography in Parkway Group. 

This 18-week program is designed to develop clinical competencies required for clinical ultrasound practice. You will progress through a structured curriculum which provides the education in the theory, sonographic scanning techniques, image interpretational skills, clinical application and standard protocols related to ultrasound studies of the abdomen, breast, thyroid, male and female reproductive organs and bladder. 

The theoretical content of the program follows the Burwin Course in diagnostic ultrasound. Lectures and image recognition tutorials are held in small groups to allow interactive learning. Practical hands-on training to simulate clinical scenarios are conducted with personalised guidance from highly experienced and dedicated trainers. 

You will also be given the privilege of clinical placement during the 18-week program which provides you with the enriching opportunity to work with the professionals in the clinical setting. 

Our educators and trainers are not only qualified sonographers, but also very experienced and supportive trainers who have nurtured countless learners to become professional sonographers over the past decades. 

Course requirement 

Trainees are required to achieve at least 95% attendance during the 18-week course

Class hours: Monday to Saturday

(Monday to Friday- 8:30am - 5:00pm)(Saturday - 8:30am - 1:00pm)


  • In person - classroom (Parkway College. Address : 80 Bendemeer Road #02-02 Singapore 339949) 
  • Clinical placement - Parkway hospitals and radiologic clinics

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Resident (PR) 
  • A bachelor degree (or equivalent) in radiography, medical imaging, or medical-related sciences. 
  • Studies on full-body human anatomy and physiology are required. 
  • Studies on Physics in “A- level” (or equivalent) is preferred. 

What our students say: 

“Taking and persevering through the ultrasound associate course, has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made. Ultrasound is a big responsibility to your patients and you will definitely enjoy making a difference in patients’ lives everyday.” 

- Ragini K, Ultrasound associates

What our trainers say: 

“Sonography may have a steep learning curve, but what awaits you at the end of the learning journey is very rewarding. All you need to be is to stay determined and focused, together with lots of practice, you will very well be on your way to becoming excellent sonographers.” 

    - Doreen, training supervisor, Mount Elizabeth Hospital 

What our sonographers say: 

“The best part of becoming a sonographer, is the satisfaction it comes with diagnosing patients and possibly saving their lives with early intervention.” 

- Nadira, sonographer, Gleneagles Hospital

“The job isn’t just about scanning, it requires you to have your anatomical and pathological knowledge at your fingertips so when you detect something on the ultrasound you can immediately correlate it to a condition and know what you should do for the patient. And this is precisely what makes the job interesting!” 

- Milly Wang, sonographer, Mount Elizabeth Hospital 

I am passionate about ultrasound because it is operator dependent. Undeniably draining for the mind, but it gives me immense autonomy. I carry the weight of being conscientious and responsible to avoid misses. That makes my job challenging therefore meaningful.” 

- Mignon Sim, sonographer, Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Join us, embark in a rewarding career that changes lives. 

To apply for the ultrasound associate training position, please email to by 30th November 2023.  

For more information, please feel free to contact Alyssa at the given email address.